Spotlight on School Safety

The Maine School Safety Center program showcases schools and districts that recognize safety as a critical backbone to support the process of learning and are taking active steps to improve their school or district’s safe educational environment.

Would you like to showcase your school or district’s safety and security efforts?  If so, we want to hear from you! Here are examples of topics on which you may wish to submit a brief video (less than five minutes):

1. Community Partnerships Spotlight on School Safety

Innovative programs that establish or maintain collaborative, working relationships between your school and a community partner(s). These partnerships influence prevention, mitigation, planning, response, or recovery efforts. (i.e., including fire / police / EMA in safety planning, exercises, and facility audits).

2. Staff Development and Training

Safety and security awareness training programs that raise staff awareness. (suicide prevention, bullying prevention, Emergency Operations, Continuity of Operations, access control, assistance with drills and exercises, community partners and roles)

3. Positive School Climate and Prevention Programs

These programs recognize current safety issues in a school or district and involve the school or district and broader community to improve the overall climate of the school setting. (i.e., cyber-bullying, social emotional learning, suicide prevention, dating violence, substance use)

4. Student-Led Groups

Programs that allow students to take leadership roles in creating and promoting a safe and secure school environment that encourages positive peer interactions (i.e., mentoring, peer to peer programs, emergency preparedness programs, community service groups, PSA groups

If interested or if you wish more information, please contact Steve Connolly at or (207) 441-6943

All materials will be reviewed by our subject matter experts to assure those materials reflect best practices in school emergency management.  The MSSC and DOE do not support “fee for service”.  The video focus instead should be on best practices and procedures in school safety.  Any public/governmental entities (i.e., REMS, EMA, ICS) are appropriate to highlight as well as the use and highlight of professional best practices exemplars.  The MSSC retains the right to vet all materials to assure alignment with these requirements.