Results Driven Accountability (RDA)

General Supervision

The Maine State Department of Education (MDOE) has developed monitoring and data collection processes to meet the general supervision requirements outlined in the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) of 2004.  These processes are compliant with the IDEA State Performance Plan Indicators and focus on growth in Federally mandated performance areas.  Through a combination of Professional Development, data collection and monitoring we aide school districts in compliance to the regulations and improving the outcomes for students with disabilities.

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Federal Requirements

B-4: Suspension/Expulsion

B-5: LRE placement

B-8: Parent Survey

B-11: Child Find

B-13: Secondary transition

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EMT: Electronic Monitoring Tool

Word EMT

Letter of Instruction


Cohort Training PP

Risk Assessment Tool (in development)

B-11 Resources

B-13 Resources

Regional Programs