MTSS Learning Module - Using Evidence-Based Practices Tier 1 Core Instruction (with Rachel Brown)


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Assess the Challenge Work Page

Action Plan Work Page

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In this video, I am going to offer an overview of the module framework, and the work pages that you will be able to use while engaging with the module. This module utilizes a three-phase framework consisting of an exploration, module content, and wrap up. During the exploration, you will be invited to work out some of your thoughts and ideas on the Assess the Barriers work page. This work page had been designed to get you thinking about some of the barriers that you believe may exist in your school in relation to the content. Working through the Assess the Challenge page leads you through a process in which you identify a goal, or something you would like to achieve, by the end of the module. During the Wrap up, you will be invited to reflect on the barriers you identified, and based on the content of the module, identify potential action steps that you can do to reduce or remove those barriers. Feel free to print out the work pages to write on, or simply use them as a guide if you prefer to take notes in a notebook or other digital note-taking method.