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What is MTSS?

This page aims to provide an overview of an MTSS and increase communication within the field in order to increase effective MTSS in the state of Maine and the broader US. Expect to see infographics, implementation techniques, FAQs, videos, research, and more! Follow along each week for new posts!



3 tiers of MTSS

Core universal instruction, targeted supplemental interventions, and intensive individualized interventions are the basis of a multi-tiered system of support. #MTSSforME



Getting Started

Understanding what a multi-tiered system of support is the first step in your process to implementing the framework effectively! #MTSSforME




Leadership and MTSS

Collaborative teams are integral to effective and efficient implementation of a multi-tiered system of support. Follow along for the next month to learn more about each team level. #MTSSforME 



School Level Teams 

A school level team acts as the principal problem-solving driver for the entire MTSS. Any passionate adults interested in school transformation, and has experience in, or desire to learn, implementation or transformation should be considered as members of the team. #MTSSforME 




Classroom teams

The classroom level team isn't a team of 1, but a team that includes parents, counselors, and other specialists/support staff that work together to meet the needs of a classroom at the whole group, small group, and individual level. #MTSSforME 


Individual student team 

Individual Student Teams sometimes get overlooked when considering the universal teaming structure of a school's MTSS framework, when in reality it is the team that may hold the most leverage in student success in school. #MTSSforME 

Professional development webinars

Professional learning can be targeted to an area of need, but it can also be targeted to a particular interest of the educator. Like students, educators need to be allowed some voice and choice in their professional learning goals and activities. #MTSSforME 

Book Recommendation

“Effective Universal Instruction: An Action-Oriented Approach to Improve Tier 1” is an accessible guide to help educators improve tier 1 instruction and encourage readers to reflect on current practice. #MTSSforME ;

Benefits of Teacher Training

The benefits of teacher trainings are endless, but finding the time can be tricky. Check out our MTSS modules and school trainings located on our website! #MTSSforME