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MOOSE Year 3 - What's new and what's next?


Moving into the third year of the project, MOOSE has gone through several evolutions and is now a go-to resource for educators in all situations. We are excited to be opening up our call for Instructional Designers for this year

August 8th - August 26th = Open applications - Click here to apply

August 16th, 3-4pm - Optional Informational/Q&A Meeting #1 - Click here to register

August 18th, 3-4pm - Optional Informational/Q&A Meeting #2 - Click here to register

September 2nd - Applicants notified of their status


Why Instructional Designers?

In previous years we hired amazing teams of 'Content Creators' to help build our library of MOOSE modules. The shift to the term 'Instructional Designers' this year is to help recognize the type of work we are actually asking our MOOSE team to accomplish. Not only does this help define what we are asking of you in this role, but it also helps define to others on your resume/CV what you actually did in the project.  Some key elements of being a MOOSE Instructional Designer include:

  • Starting with the end in mind - What is the actual goal you have for students with the module you are creating? What will actually help all students achieve that goal in the end?
  • Facilitating learning - How do you ensure that you are a 'guide on the side' rather than a 'sage on the stage'? What can you do to facilitate learning for all students to help them develop a sense of agency through these modules?
  • Material design and development - You are helping to add something to the world that isn't already there. What materials can you create to facilitate learning and discovery rather than curating existing materials?
  • Mindful use of technology - How can you choose the best tools for your learning outcomes AND get students away from the screen as much as possible?

If you have been a Content Creator in the past, we are asking you to stay willing to keep learning and pushing yourself into this role of Instructional Designer. We can't wait to work with you to help you grow your own skills while you create the content that will transform learning for students!


Click here to preview the application questions - Applications must be submitted through our online portal when you are ready to apply.

Topics & Teams

There will be 6 different MOOSE Teams working on modules this year but there will be three main types of groups you can apply to join.

  • Standard Learning Progressions - These teams operate very similarly to the learning progression teams last year. You will have a guiding topic and work with your team to create a PreK-12 learning progression within that topic. You will be aided by a Team Leader and a Module Coach along the way. These team topics will be:
    • Applied Ethics
    • Data Science
    • Cyber Security
  • History & Culture Learning Progressions - These teams will be working on progressions that support LD1664 and will be diving deep into Wabanaki and Maine African-American history and culture. As with other topics, these will be A cohesive learning progression of modules rather than attempting to be THE comprehensive learning progression for the topic. The teams will be collaborative spaces co-created between a group of selected Maine educators and members of each of the communities highlighted in the progressions. They will also be assisted by a Team Leader, a Module Coach, and the MOOSE Project Manager.
  • Iteration & Improvement Team - This team is new this year and reflects how far we have come as a project! This team will begin working on Year 1 modules: fixing links, improving tools, updating files and work flows... anything that helps improve the project-based, interdisciplinary experience for all students and makes modules more accessible following Universal Design for Learning principles. Iteration and improvement will be a baked in part of the MOOSE Project from here forward and all modules will be getting updates as needed. This team will have significant individual work and will be guided by a Team Leader and a Module Coach.

You may apply to join all three but you will only be selected for one team and we ask that you rank your preferences in the application itself.



Unlike previous years, there will be a single MOOSE round this year that will stretch from mid-September to mid-May. There will be two stages of stipend dispersal associated with the work.

  • Topic specific teams will create a single module (stipend #1) with accompanying teacher materials and additionally create teacher materials for two other existing modules (stipend #2). As in past years, team members can expect to spend 8-10 hours a week on MOOSE related meetings and tasks.
  • Iteration & Improvement team members will have a set matrix of modules to review and update within certain timeframes. Similarly, there will be two stipend periods for this group coinciding with the other dispersals and ~8-10 hours a week of work.

Expectations & Compensation

  • Compensation
    • September - January: module development OR iteration & improvement = $3000
    • January - May: teacher material development and module revisions as needed OR iteration & improvement = $3000
  • Commitment
    • 8-10 hours/week of total MOOSE related work
    • Weekly, 1-hour team meetings (synchronous)
    • Clear communication with your Team Leader



Information Sessions

Q&A Session 1 Video


Q&A Session 2 Video


Jenn Page, PhD
MOOSE Project Manager