Math - Module 2 Alignment

Module 2: Alignment

Pod 1: Issues of Alignment - Common Core State Standards in Maine

  • Webinar. The Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and English Language Arts have been adopted by the Maine Legislature and are incorporated into the Maine Learning Results. Full transition to these standards is expected by the 2014-15 school year. In an effort to support the transitioning work, the Maine Department of Education's Mathematics Specialist Michele Mailhot presents this webinar, exploring the topic of alignment to standards, definitions of what it means to be aligned and methods for determining degree of alignment in your school or classroom. Several resources for supporting curriculum work and standards transition are offered. Participants should have a copy of the Common Core State Standards ready for perusal during the session.

Pod 2: Exploring the Progression of Domains within the Common Core State Standards

Use the documents below to explore the progression of the domains within the Common Core State Standards. See how the development of the domain progresses vertically (K-12) and how the domains support one another.


Grade Span Content Standards

Narrative Progression Documents
The following PDFs are provided by Institute for Mathematics and Education.