Resolutions & Reports

The Maine State Board of Education occasionally issues resolutions that articulate its positions on matters of state education policy. The State Board, along with committees and task forces it appoints, also occasionally issues in-depth reports that examine particular issues of state education policy and express the Board's vision for the direction of education in Maine.


The Maine State Board of Education has issued no recent resolutions.


The State Board of Education prepares and issues reports for a variety of reasons.

The Board prepares reports sometimes at the request of the Maine Legislature's Joint Committee on Education and Cultural Affairs, and sometimes as the result of legislation. The State Board is also required by law to maintain a five-year plan for education that addresses goals and policies for the education of Maine children.

  • State Board of Education Brochure (PDF, 275KB). This tri-fold brochure explains the responsibilities and objectives of the Maine State Board of Education.
  • The Learning State: Maine Schooling for the 21st Century (PDF, 1.09MB). The State Board appointed the Select Panel on Revisioning Education in Maine to prepare a report that articulates goals and a vision for a 21st-century education system. The report was issued Sept. 12, 2006.

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