Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should a parent or legal guardian use the Notice of Intent or the Subsequent Year Letter?
A Notice of Intent must be filed by the parent or legal guardian when homeschooling for the first time in Maine. File the notice within 10 days of withdrawal from school if you are starting during the school year. If you are starting at the beginning of the school year, a Notice of Intent must be filed by Sept. 1. The notice must be filed with the Maine DOE and your local school superintendent.

A Subsequent Year Letter, including the results of an annual assessment, must be filed by Sept. 1 of each subsequent year of homeschooling after the initial Notice of Intent has been filed.

2. How do I find my local school superintendent's address?
You will find an up-to-date list of addresses on our website.

3. Do I need to file a Notice of Intent for my 5-year-old child?
According to Maine law, school attendance is compulsory from the seventh birthday to the 17th birthday.

4. Does the Maine DOE send the parent a letter or notice after the Notice of Intent or Subsequent Year Letter has been received?
No. Many parents send the letters of intent with a postal return receipt to keep for their records.

5. Do annual assessment results have to be submitted along with the Subsequent Year Letter?
Yes. Subsequent Year Letters with assessment results are due by Sept. 1st to the Maine DOE and your local school superintendent's office. Subsequent Year Letters that are submitted to the Maine DOE without annual assessment results will be returned.

6. Is the parent or legal guardian required to submit an annual assessment every year?
Yes. In the event that the student will not be homeschooling in the subsequent year, annual assessment results are still required. However, it would be helpful to include a note along with the assessment results stating that the student will no longer be homeschooling.

7. If my child is enrolled in a distance learning program, do I need to file annual assessment results?
Yes. A Subsequent Year Letter with annual assessment results is required by Sept. 1, even if your child is enrolled in a distance learning program.

8. What should a parent or legal guardian do in the event that the student ceases homeschooling during the school year?
If homeschooling ceases and the child is still of compulsory school attendance age, parents must comply with attendance laws in some other way. As a courtesy, please notify the DOE so that they will not be expecting annual assessment results to be filed.

9. How many days and hours of instruction are required?
A total of at least 175 instructional days are required. There is no hourly requirement, per day or per year.

10. If a parent or legal guardian begins homeschooling during the school year, must they provide at least 175 instructional days?
No. The number of days that the student attended school prior to homeschooling can be deducted from the 175 instructional day requirement.

11. Is there a fee to homeschool in Maine?
There is no fee charged. However, parents bear the responsibility for all costs.

12. What instructional materials are provided to homeschooling students by the local school?
The local school may provide textbooks as long as extra copies are available. The local school is not required to provide additional instructional materials such as workbooks, lesson plans, computers, etc.

13. Are homeschoolers eligible to receive laptops through the Maine Learning Technology Initiative?
No, this program is not available to homeschooled students.

14. Can a parent or legal guardian file a Notice of Intent to homeschool a student for one course?

15. What are the curriculum standards for each grade level?
Subjects must include English, language arts, math, science, social studies, physical education, health education, library skills, fine arts, Maine Studies (in at least one grade from 6 to 12), the student must demonstrate proficiency in use of computers (at one grade level from 7 to 12). There are no specific curriculum standards for Maine homeschoolers.

16. Will the state of Maine issue a diploma or certificate of completion when a parent feels that their student has completed their studies?
No. Since there are no standards of achievement for homeschooling in Maine, the state does not issue grades, credits, diplomas, transcripts, letters of course completion or letters of grade level promotion. Parents are advised to contact post secondary institutions, the military recruiter or potential employer to inquire about what will be required for acceptance, admission and employment.

17. How many children are being homeschooled in Maine?

The following statistics pertain to students who are registered with their local superintendent of schools and the state for homeschooling:

  • 2004-2005= 4,094
  • 2005-2006= 4,721
  • 2006-2007= 4,571
  • 2007-2008= 4,897
  • 2008-2009= 4,998
  • 2009-2010= 4,927
  • 2010-2011= 5,099
  • 2011-2012= 4,730
  • 2012-2013= 4,995
  • 2013-2014= 5,025
  • 2014-2015= 5,561
  • 2015-2016= 5,441
  • 2016-2017= 5,467
  • 2017-2018= 5,275 (as of 1/16/18)