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McIntosh Apple Drawing
General Harvest of the Month Resources

Recipes Resources
Vermont's New School Cuisine Cookbook
What's Cooking?: USDA Mixing Bowl

Educational Resources
Curriculum Materials | Maine Ag in the Classroom

Maine HOM Local Procurement Tracking Tool 
Maine HOM Local Procurement Tracking Tool 

Maine Dairy Resources

Maine Dairy Poster

Maine Dairy Fact Sheet

Recipes and Video Instruction


bluberry rakeMaine Wild Blueberry Resources 

Maine Wild Blueberry Poster

Maine Wild Blueberry Fact Sheet

Wild Blueberry Food Service Recipes | Wild Blueberry Commission

Recipes and Video Instruction 


Maine Leafy Greens Resources 

Maine Leafy Greens Poster

Maine Leafy Greens Fact Sheet

Italian Pizza Roll-ups



patty pan squash
Maine Summer Squash Resources 

Maine Summer Squash Poster

Maine Summer Squash Fact Sheet



lemon cucumber


Maine Cucumbers Resources 

Maine Cucumber Poster

Maine Cucumber Fact Sheet




bandywine tomatoes

Maine Tomatoes Resources 

Maine Tomatoes Poster

Maine Tomatoes Fact Sheet

Tomato Training Webinar

Video Instruction



Maine Apples Resources 

Maine Apples Poster

Maine Apples Fact Sheet




Maine Brassicas Resources 

Maine Brassicas Poster

Maine Brassicas Fact Sheet



blue hubbard squash

Maine Winter Squash Resources 

Maine Winter Squash Poster

Maine Winter Squash Fact Sheet


Russet Potatoes
Maine Potato Resources 

Maine Potato Fact Sheet

Maine Potato Poster



Maine Root Vegetable Resources 

Maine Root Vegetable Poster

Maine Root Vegetable Fact Sheet




tofuMaine Protein Resources 

Maine Protein Poster

Maine Protein Fact Sheet



Harvest of the Month Program Partners

Maine Agriculture in the Classroom
Maine Dairy and Nutrition Council
Wild Blueberry Commission of Maine
Maine SNAP-ed