Gifted and Talented - Applications

The Maine Department of Education is committed to meeting the needs of all learners, as outlined in our strategic plan.  We provide reimbursement to school districts for certain approved costs that support locally-developed “gifted and talented” programs and provide professional development opportunities and technical assistance to school districts in instructional practices such as differentiation, innovative pathways, and other supports for meeting the diverse needs of Maine’s learners.

FY 20-21 Applications

In an effort to minimize the workload for our schools during the 2020-2021 school year, the Department will not require a Gifted and Talented, or “Talent Development” application for school units that will be continuing their programming in substantially the same format as school year 2019-2020. 


If a school unit did not have an approved program in school year 2019-2020, but plans to have one in school year 2020-2021, please contact 


Subsidy allocations for school units with approved programs will be calculated using the same methodology, comparing budget costs to actual costs, therefore it is important that school units enter their financial data in the NEO Financial module, per the model chart of accounts for Gifted and Talented programs, available at this link, in the “Regular Instruction” box: 


If your Gifted and Talented Coordinator is unsure of what constitutes an allowable cost, please refer to Rule Chapter 104 or contact


If your Business Office is unsure of what constitutes an unsubsidizable cost, please contact the School Finance Team. 


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  • Please find previous years Approved Gifted and Talented Program Budgets under the Fiscal Reports page.

Laws & Rules

The following laws and rules are associated with Maine's gifted and talented programs.