Gifted and Talented - Applications

The Maine Department of Education is committed to meeting the needs of all learners, as outlined in our strategic plan.  We provide reimbursement to school districts for certain approved costs that support locally-developed “gifted and talented” programs and provide professional development opportunities and technical assistance to school districts in instructional practices such as differentiation, innovative pathways, and other supports for meeting the diverse needs of Maine’s learners.

Talent Development
The FY 20/21 Talent Development (former Gifted and Talented) approval application is not available at this time.  Please check back after July 31, 2020 for more information.  A priority notice will be posted when the application  becomes available.


Please find previous years Approved Gifted and Talented Program Budgets under the Fiscal Reports page.

Laws & Rules

The following laws and rules are associated with Maine gifted and talented programs.