Culinary Videos

Welcome to the Farm and Sea to School Instructional Series! These culinary videos are a collaboration between the Maine Department of Education and Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry and cover a variety of topics including food safety, food preparation, time management and recipes using local ingredients. These videos were created for school nutrition professionals and other food serving institutions to assist in scratch cooking and utilizing local products. The goals of these videos are to increase skills and confidence in the kitchen.

Want to learn more culinary skills in the kitchen? Visit our Culinary Classroom webpage to view the schedule of in person culinary trainings held by the Child Nutrition office.

Interested in a career in school nutrition? Contact your local school nutrition director or manager.

Fruit Preparation

Learn how to safely prepare, wash, and handle Fruits.

Learn More about Fruit Prep

Vegetable Preparation

Learn how to safely prepare, wash, and handle Vegetables.

Learn More about Vegetable Prep


Learn to prep and fabricate full meals using locally sourced foods. 

Learn More about these Recipes

Time Management

Learn how to efficiently and effectively manage your time in the kitchen.

Learn More about Time Management

Food Safety

Understand the fundamentals of Culinary Safety.

Learn More about Food Safety