Fall 2020 Survey

On July 6, 2020 the Maine Department of Education released a series of surveys about the 2020 school year during COVID-19 as part of an ongoing effort to gather input from families, communities, educators, leaders, and educational stakeholders across Maine. This information was aggregated by an independent research group and reported to the DOE for consideration, as we continue to have ongoing conversations with educational leaders, state leaders, and health experts to develop health markers and corresponding guidance to ensure the safe return to classroom instruction. It will also inform the technical assistance and supports that the DOE will provide to our school community members, including educators, families and students.  

We applaud the Collaborative Planning Teams for each school unit across the state, who have also provided for the critically important local conversations as to the unique variables, resources and needs within each school community. We recognize that the greatest value is in the feedback that is being gathered locally through surveys, town hall style meetings and individual conversations; the state and county data we have compiled is only another resource for a local CPT’s processes and decision making.

The Department is extremely grateful to the tens of thousands of individuals across Maine who took the time to fill out these surveys. Your input is not only deeply appreciated, but it is critical as we further develop our guidance to schools amid the COVID-19 pandemic and continue to have conversations with leaders across the state about education in Maine. We remain committed to providing support and leadership during these uncertain and unprecedented times.

Survey Results by County

Initial Findings and Action Steps