Fund for the Efficient Delivery of Educational Services (FEDES) Grant

The Fund for Efficient Delivery of Educational Services (FEDES), as established by 20-A M.R.S. Chapter 114-A, and in accordance to Department of Education Rule Chapter 122, was created to assist in financing the cost of local and regional initiatives to improve educational opportunity and student achievement through more efficient delivery of educational programs and services. The Legislature has provided $10 million for the Fund; $5 million in 2017-18, and $5 million in 2018-19.

To view regionalization initiatives by location, including RSCs, and both rounds of EMBRACE grants, click on the EMBRACE Regionalization Google Interactive Map.

2018-19 - RFP # 201806118 - Fund for the Efficient Delivery of Educational Services

Request for Proposal # 201806118 was issued on July 2, 2018, an Amendment was issued on July 9, and an Informational Session was conducted on July 19. Project proposals are due by 4:00 p.m. on November 7. Interested parties may download the RFP, Amendment, and Question and Answer Summaries from the Division of Procurement Services website.

2017-18 - RFP # 201708145 - Fund for the Efficient Delivery of Educational Services

A total of 19 proposals were received by the Department, 11 conditionally awarded, and 9 negotiated and funded in response to RFP #201708145 for the Fund for the Efficient Delivery of Educational Services (FEDES) grant, which was made available to districts in the fall of 2017. You can find more information on these projects here.

Facilitators and Legal Cost Reimbursement

Up to $3,000 is available per regional group to assist with the cost of funding facilitation services and legal costs. SAUs can request these funds by completing the Facilitator Request Form which will initiate the contracting process.

Facilitators are available by request to provide technical assistance and guidance to regional groups of SAUs during the process of planning and developing regionalization project proposals.

    • Facilitator Request Form - Use this online form to request a facilitator.
    • Roster of Facilitators - The facilitators on this list participated in the Department's orientation and training session. Additional facilitators will be trained as necessary.

To request reimbursement for facilitator fees:

Costs for legal services related to the planning and development of a regionalization project proposal are reimbursable by the Department of Education. The request for reimbursement must be made by the member entity who holds the contract for facilitation and legal cost reimbursement on behalf of the regionalization project proposal applicants.  

To request reimbursement for legal costs:

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