Professional Development & Support

Maine Department of Education encourages and supports the continuous learning of all Maine educators. How schools implement English language arts (ELA) standards is entirely a local decision, however, the Department offers these professional development resources that educators may find helpful as part of our commitment to Maine's learners. Through in-person events, webinars and other digital events, and by sharing free and open resources created in-state, with other states and by others, Maine DOE provides affordable learning opportunities. Department specialists are available for consulting with Maine schools. .

FALL 2017

ELA Professional Development Needs and Interest Survey

    Complete this brief survey to help us determine how best to support ELA/Literacy in Maine throught this school year.


Professional Development Events



Professional Development Modules

These digital resources support the implementation of Maine’s ELA standards.

  • Module 1: Getting Familiar. Professional development resources to support understanding of the Common Core State Standards for ELA/Literacy (CCSS for ELA/Literacy).
  • Module 2: Shifts & Alignment. Professional development resources to support transition to the CCSS for ELA/Literacy.
  • Module 3: In the Classroom. Professional development resources to support implementation of the CCSS for ELA/Literacy.