Educator Effectiveness

Many factors influence the ability of children to thrive in school. Some factors are school-based, and some are personal. As researchers and educators attempt to identify the major influences on children’s learning and unravel the associated complexities, one fact remains clear: every child deserves excellent teachers and building principals.

Indeed, the more factors in a child’s personal life that present barriers to learning, the greater the need for excellent educators in that child’s school. An Act to Ensure Effective Teachers and School Leaders was signed into law in 2012. But the law in and of itself cannot ensure effectiveness among educators. Such a promise requires a shared vision and commitment among all members of a school community--teachers, administrators, school board members, parents and students. In Maine we value the flexibility that allows individual communities to govern their schools according to the ideals of the local culture and the needs of the local children. We also value our educators.

The work of the Educator Effectiveness Office is to assist school administrative units in implementing Performance Evaluation and Professional Growth (PEPG) systems that place a premium on developing viable processes of identifying, maximizing, supporting and maintaining excellence among its teachers and principals.

The following pages of the Maine DOE website contain information and support materials for the development of PEPG systems.

Notice about resources contained on these pages: Although the resources on this website are relevant and highly valuable, they have not yet been updated to reflect recent legislative changes. In order to be fully informed about new PEPG system requirements and anticipated changes in the implementation timeline, read the summary of changes as published in the March 19, 2015 Commissioner’s Update. The Department is working to quickly update the resources, each of which will be annotated once complete.

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Maine Department of Education

New Teacher Mentoring Materials includes newly revised 2016-17 mentoring materials available for use by SAUs. Includes all “train–the–trainer” materials ready for use.

  • PEPG General Resources includes PEPG system requirements, professional practice, student learning and growth and additional resources.
  • State Teacher PEPG Models includes the Auburn School Department administrator evaluation framework, Maine DOE principal PEPG models for principals and supporting resources including principal training modules.
  • State Principal PEPG Models includes two Maine DOE principal PEPG models for and supporting resources including principal training modules.


Emily Gribben
Educator Effectiveness Coordinator
Maine Department of Education