Student & Staff Data

The Maine Department of Education believes data can be a powerful force in improving the quality of instruction and programming in the state's public schools, and in making sure the resources we invest in public schools are spent wisely.

The Department is making a significant investment in improving the quality and availability of district-, school- and student-level data. With greater access to such data, educators will have the tools they need to determine which classes, academic interventions and special services have the greatest positive impact on their students so they know which strategies work, and they can change what doesn't. .

  • Food Service Data. View information about student participation in school food service programs, meal prices, student eligibility for free- and reduced-price meals, and more.
  • Staff Data. Beginning with the 2016/16 school year, staff data is located in the NEO Staff Module. The department provides data on staff for both the public and the local districts. Instructions for access and using the NEO Staff system is also provided.
  • Student Data. The Department of Education collects data on student enrollment, demographics and outcomes available to the public. Data elements are defined as well as schemas provided to those dictricts in order that they may upload the data from their local Student Information Systems (SIS) to the State's system.
  • Test Scores. The Department of Education regularly reports scores from the standardized tests taken by Maine students.