A student presents in a legislative committee room.Data & Reporting

The Maine Department of Education relies on the data submitted by local school districts to determine the distribution of state and federal education funds, and to help educators improve student outcomes.

  • Data Warehouse. This new tool provides multi-year, detailed information about Maine schools. It's also the home of the report cards that are part of the Maine School Performance Grading System.
  • Data Resources. A hub of data info, including explanations of the Data Warehouse, research and training.
  • Common Data Project. The New England Secondary School Consortium’s Common Data Project brings together several states in a collaborative, multiyear effort to improve the accuracy, reliability and comparability of public-education data across state lines.
  • Data Access and Management Policy. This policy statement is written to clearly delineate the process of how access to all Maine DOE data system
  • Submit a Data Request. The Maine DOE has a formal process for requesting access to information on students and/or staff. This process is aligned with the Data Access and Management Policy above.
  • Data Submission & Management. Helping schools submit accurate data about their students, staff and expenditures.
  • Reporting Forms & Calendar. Helping educators keep track of the information they need to submit to the Maine DOE.
  • Student & Staff Data. Using data to make informed decisions in the classroom, at school board meetings and in the halls of the State House.
  • School Funding & Finance. Leveraging local, state and federal funds to pay for student opportunities: state subsidy, school audits, per-pupil expenditures, school budgets, school tuition rates, statewide financial data and more.