School Funding & Finance

Maine’s schools rely primarily on a combination of local, state and federal funds to pay for their operations.

  • Data FAQ. This data FAQ is intended for questions about entering, exiting, and uploading student data to state systems.
  • School Funding Updates. Updates on state and federal activities that impact funding for school districts.
  • General Purpose Aid for Local Schools. General Purpose Aid is the pool of state funds, or subsidy, provided to local schools to pay for K-12 education.
  • Essential Programs and Services. Learn about how the Department of Education calculates how much funding is necessary for each school district to provide “Essential Programs and Services” to its students.
  • Fiscal Review and Compliance. Information on State and Federal audit and compliance regulations, Federal Grant Management regulation and policies, and information regarding Major Capital School Construction projects.
  • Statewide Financial Data. Gain a historical perspective of funding, enrollment and spending in Maine’s public schools.
  • Expenditures by Budget Category. Review the data to see how your local school district has spent its budget in recent years.
  • Per-Pupil Expenditures. Find out how much your school district spends on average to educate each student.
  • School Finance Overview. Learn more about Maine school finance, including state subsidy, budgets, tuition rates, expenditures, taxation and more.
  • Outside Grants, Funding Opportunities. See what grant opportunities are out there for your school district and the educators who work in its schools.