Reporting Forms & Calendar

Whether it's overseeing school lunch programs, school bus purchases, federal grant funds or something else, there's probably a form associated with it. The Maine Department of Education collects required data, forms, applications and more from the state's school districts in a variety of formats.

The Department is actively engaged in an effort to minimize reporting burdens on school districts through increased use of electronic forms and reducing and eliminating requests for duplicate information.

  • Reporting Calendar. The Department of Education's calendar of reporting requirements helps school districts keep track of the information they need to submit and when.
  • Listing of Forms. The Department website lists the various required forms associated with each program area.
  • Past Due and Missing Forms. The Department's Past Due and Missing Forms page tracks the reporting requirements with recently past due dates and helps school districts determine the outstanding forms they must submit if they don't want to risk having their subsidy payments withheld in accordance with state law.
  • Food Services Reporting. The Department's Child Nutrition page allows school food service officials to access and submit required information to the Department of Education. This page also offers public access to data about Maine's school nutrition programs.