Professional Development & Initiatives

The Maine Department of Education has compiled the following professional development opportunities for career and technical education directors, faculty and staff.

    CTE Director Training

    Four CTE Intersections Workshops have been held since May 2015. These events brought CTE, English Language Arts (ELA) and mathematics instructors together to start the task of finding where learning intersections exist..

    Literacy & Promising Practices. The Maine DOE Career and Technical Education (CTE) team recognizes the importance of literacy training within the CTE field. We have offered several trainings for CTE teachers and have plans to continue this crucial work. CTE teachers are also included in all of the Maine DOE literacy initiatives. Some technical assistance that has been provided to the field and can be accessed as a resource include:

    • The Maine DOE hosted workshops for CTE staff across the state in 2013. The focus of these workshops was literacy strategies for CTE classrooms. See templates and protocols for literacy strategies that were presented at this event (PDF, 208KB).
    • In 2005-06, the Maine CTE Promising Practices Project was sponsored by the Maine DOE and Maine Administrators of Career and Technical Education. The purpose of the project was to deepen and showcase how CTE centers throughout Maine are working to increase rigor (academic integration and literacy development) and engagement with program area teaching and learning. Contact Elaine Briggs to access the materials gathered for this work. The CTE team continues to work with literacy, and further information on these efforts will be posted to this page as they become available.

    Math-in-CTE. Math-in-CTE is a model of instruction, developed and tested by the National Research Council for Career and Technical Education, which relies on a partnership between a CTE teacher and a mathematics teacher to improve CTE student mathematics achievement.

    Safety & Training. Whenever possible, the Maine CTE team negotiates with providers to offer Occupational Safety and Health Administration training and other types of training at a discounted price. Use this link to search for other trainings available to CTE school personnel.

    Tech Groups. These instructor groups meet at least yearly to discuss statewide standards and other program-related issues.