Covid-19 Update Links

12.30.21 Updated Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Responding to COVID-19 Cases

12.07.21 Use of COVID-19 Testing During December Break

11.16.21 Remote Days and Expectations

10.29.21  Clarifications on SOP

8.30.21 Updated Staff Vaccination Reporting FAQ 

8.12.2021 Updated SOP for Fall 2021 

8.03.21 Webinar with Dr. Shah and Q&A document related to 21-22 school year

7.28.21 State of Maine Follows Updated U.S. CDC Recommendations For Face Coverings In Indoor Public Settings

7.15.21 Health and Safety Guidance for PreK-12 Schools in Maine 

6.24.21 ESSER III Application Update and Required Plan for In-Person Instruction.

6.11.21 End of Civil Emergency; Requirements to Recommendations for Health and Safety Guidance

6.09.21 Summer and Fall Planning for pre-K-12 Schools

6.07.21 Subgrants available to SAUs for LMS

5.17.21 Updates to School Health Guidance and SOP. Pooled Testing webinars

5.5.21 Planning for Vaccination of Youth 12-15

4.29.21 Large Venue (incl. Graduation) Sunsets after May 24. 

4.27.21 Free Testing and Support for Pool Testing in Schools

4/23/21 Updates on PPE/fraudulent PPE disposal/hotline hours/testing options

4/8/21 (updated 4.14.21) Travel Quick Reference Guide

3/05/21 New Maximum Capacity Limits/School Impacts and Requirements

2/10/21 Travel Requirements and Template Letter

01/27/21 EO 8-A School Budget Processes 

01/22/21 Updated PPE and Vaccination Info 

01/14/21 Priority Notice: Resource Reminder for Federal Relief Funds 

01/13/21 Priority Notice- Update on State Vaccination Plan

01/08/21 Update on Federal Relief Funds

12/30/20 PRIORITY NOTICE:   Update on Federal COVID-19 Funds 

11/20/20 - PRIORITY NOTICE: Updated Guidance on Group Sizes and Masks/Face coverings

Governor's EO on mask wearing- no change for schools 11/05/20

CRF Updates 10/22/20

10/22/2020 - PRIORITY NOTICE: PPE Ordering to be Reopened for Maine Schools

10/07/20 - Governor's Executive Order #14 (indoor capacity, masks) and flexibilities for bus purchase with CRF

Warmline for educators

PreK-12 School Based Testing for COVID-1

09/24/20 National Guard to assist school nurses with fit-testing, N95 masks

9/23/20 CRF #2 Announced

09/23/20 Easing of restrictions on travel to and from MA

9/18/20 Updates from Commissioner Makin to Superintendents

9/18/20 Last Call for PPE for SAUs

9/4/20 County Color Classification Update

Updated PPE Delivery Information & Egress Drill Requirement (8/25/20)

8/21/2020 Legislative Update

08/20/20 Pre-K considerations during COVID-19

08/20/20 Drinking Water and HVAC considerations for reopening shuttered buildings.

08/14/20 Additional Guidance and Allowances from DPS for Safety Protocols 

08/06/20 Adult Ed CRF Funds

08/04/20 CRF Timeline and Resources.

07/31/20 MEDIA RELEASE: Mills Administration Releases Guidance to Assist Schools with Fall Plans

07/29/20 Commissioner's Update

07/24/20 Personal Protective Equipment Ordering and additional Safety Guidelines

07/17/20 Framework for Returning to Classroom Instruction

07/15/20 UPDATE on PPE; Initial information: 07/02/20 PPE procurement for SAUs

06/11/20 DRAFT of Return to Classroom Instruction Framework

06/05/20 Executive Order #56:  School Budgets 

06/04/20 Pre-K/Kindergarten Screening Guidance 

6/2/20 Public Briefing

5/29/20 Updated Guidance regarding Graduation Ceremonies 

5/19/20 Summer Programming Guidance for Schools

5/04/20 Pending Guidance for Decision Making:  graduation, summer, fall 2020.

4/27/20  Unified Recommendations re: End of Year and Staffing.

4/22/20 Unified Guidance Regarding Grading During Emergency Remote Learning

4/9/20-Further Information regarding remainder of 19-20 school year.

4/7/20- Update from Commissioner Makin-Recommendations for Remainder of 19-20 School Year

4-2-20 Guidance from DOE/CDC for essential workers in schools

4-1-20  Update from Commissioner Makin

3-27-20 Update from Commissioner Makin - Waivers, Resources, Essential Staff

3-25-20 Update from Commissioner Makin - Accountability, Certification, Special Services