Maintenance of Equity Data

Statement of Maintenance of Equity

The Maine Department of Education created an interdepartmental team which includes team members from the Offices of School Finance and of Data and Reporting, and the Office of Federal Emergency Relief Programs to identify non-excepted school administrative units (SAUs). This team validates student enrollments, school structures, and economically disadvantage percentages to identify high poverty schools within non-excepted SAUs. The list of non-excepted SAUs is below.

The Office of Federal Emergency Relief will provide one-on-one technical assistance to SAUs that are not excepted from the LEA-level maintenance of equity requirements. The technical assistance will provide detailed information about the maintenance of equity requirements, support for using a tool developed by the interdepartmental team to calculate maintenance of equity, and accurate data sources. If an SAU can certify it has not and will not implement an aggregate reduction in combined State and local per pupil funding for fiscal year 2022, appendix B must be submitted to the Maine Department of Education by July 6, 2022. The Maine Department of Education will maintain this documentation.

List of non-excepted SAUs FY'22:
Auburn Public Schools RSU 10 RSU 52
Augusta Public Schools RSU 13 RSU 54
Bangor Public Schools RSU 14 RSU 60
Gorham Public Schools RSU 15 RSU 61
Lewiston Public Schools RSU 16 RSU 71
Portland Public Schools RSU 17 RSU 75
RSU 1 RSU 18 Saco Public Schools
RSU 2 RSU 21 Sanford Public Schools
RSU 3 RSU 22 Scarborough Public Schools
RSU 5 RSU 38 Westbrook Public Schools
RSU 6 RSU 40  
RSU 9 RSU 49  

The Maine Department of Education fulfilled state level maintenance of equity requirements by adjusting the June 2022 payments to the very few SAUs that needed adjustment to maintain state-level equity. For more information, contact the Office of Federal Emergency Relief Programs (OFERP), Maine Department of Education. A list of Program Coordinators and Office Director are listed on the OFERP webpage. 

SAU and Maine School Data FY22 (revised November 2, 2022)