Continuity of Learning - Visual Performing Arts

March 30, 2020

The following will be your VPA Content Specialist's schedule for this week:

  • Tuesday, March 31
    • MUSIC office hours
      • Vocal and/or classroom, 10a-11a (
      • Instrumental and/or classroom, 11a-12p (
    • Zoom meetings/Google Classroom individualized coaching sessions
      • 1p-5p - send me a zoom meeting/Google Meet invitation for a 10-15 minute individualized coaching session.  FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED!
  • Wednesday, April 1
    • VISUAL ART office hours
      • K-6, 10a-11a (
      • 7-12, 11a-12p (
    • Zoom meeting/Google Classroom individualized coaching sessions
      • 6p-8p - Send me a zoom meeting/Google Meet invitation for a 10-15 minute individualized coaching session.  FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED!
  • Thursday, April 2
    • DANCE office hour
      • K-12, 10a-11a (
    • THEATRE office hour
      • K-12, 11a-12p (
    • "Meaningful but Manageable" follow-up session with Rob Westerberg, tailored for HS music educators
      • 2p-3p via Zoom:

I'm still working on coordinating some webinars with other major partners (software, platforms, etc.).  Stay tuned to the Listserv for more details on that.  If you wish to subscribe to the Listserv so you can have the most up-to-date information, click here.

March 24, 2020

PD credit hours for participating will be awarded at the conclusion of the session.  The sessions will be recorded and available for later viewing on the DOE's YouTube Channel - MaineDOEComm.  Sessions may not be repeated for credit at this time.  Future sessions will be developed to allow teachers more opportunity to develop skills.

March 23, 2020

It has been one week since we entered this new realm, and I am so impressed with my arts education colleagues statewide.  I'm impressed with your calm, your resolve, your dedication, and your focus on the tasks at hand - connecting with your kids and helping them to feel safe, first and foremost.  Your humanity and empathy is what makes you extra special people, and you've been leaders with this from day one.  I'm proud of each of you! 

  • Because of your intentions to "get on this", the establishment of four Google Classrooms for teachers to share resources, strategies, best practices, and collaborative guidance/mentoring has been overwhelming in the best possible way.  If you are an Arts Educator in Maine and would like access to any/all of the Google Classrooms (Music, Theatre, Visual Art, and Dance), email the DOE VPA Content Specialist ( from a NON-SCHOOL email address.  The rules of the Classroom(s) are simple:  1) Be helpful, not hurtful; 2) Frame your resource with some context (i.e., how you intend to use the resource yourself, or how others might adapt/use it).  Your Content Specialist is constantly curating/moderating these classrooms, and is the "Sheriff" in charge.
  • "Virtual Office Hours" continue to be useful to everyone, and will continue on a limited basis going forward.  The schedule will always be available here and will be sent out via the DOE-Arts Listserv.  If you are not a member of that Listserv, but would like to be in order to receive communications, please sign-up here.
  • Likewise, PD sessions are being scheduled right now to support you in your new teaching environment.  These sessions will be advertised in the same way as the "virtual office hours", as well as in the content-specific Google Classrooms.