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Life and Career Ready Enrichment Learning

Summer 2021

Image by Mojpe from Pixabay

Image of curious boy and a curious turtle by Mojpe from Pixabay

Curiosity is a catalyst for learning 

Given the exceptional circumstances, you may wish to consider the information below and the PK-12  MOOSE modules with Life and Career Ready learning experiences while developing educational experiences for youth and adolescents. 

Give this a go…

                          What you may discover …

 Collect artifacts (photos, notes, objects of interest to you, etc.,) from your explorations this summer

 Observe your thinking in reflections by responding to thee two sentence starters:

I use to think…

Now I think…

Observe people and look for something interesting they can do that you would like to learn how to do.

If you know the person, ask them if they would teach you to do this interesting skill. If you do not know them, seek guidance from someone you trust to find someone willing to volunteer to teach you the skill.

Read a book in a genre you usually avoid.

Open your mind to new points of view

Explore the influence of geography on communities and the impact these features have on the occupational choices people make.  


Ask others their opinions, perspectives, and their approaches to certain aspects of their jobs. Everyone does things a bit differently, and there are potential new answers and solutions to problems hidden in the thinking of others.


Collect stories about the impact people have through the jobs they do in your community.

Look for patterns in the stories.  How often did an initial volunteering experience awaken a desire to pursue training, certifications, and/or degrees for the jobs they now have. 


Search for brand-new businesses and compose interview questions that probe their start-up story regarding what it took for these entrepreneurs to get their business off the ground and to its current status

Pay attention to the impact these interviews are having on you and whether your curiosity is piqued to explore any of the jobs or career pathways.