Informational Letter 88: Criminal History Record Check

Former Education Commissioner Susan A. Gendron released the following information in an informational letter published Feb. 4, 2005.

In 1999, legislation was passed requiring that fingerprints be taken and federal and state Criminal History Record Checks be completed for educational personnel. The first CHRC approvals were valid from July 1, 2000, and expired July 1, 2005. Thereafter, CHRC approvals have been issued on a daily basis and are valid for five years.

Please be advised that the renewal of the CHRC approvals is also required. Unlike with certificates and authorizations, employees will have varying CHRC expiration dates.

Individuals renewing a CHRC approval will not need to have their fingerprints taken again.

Please check NEO for the expiration date of an employee's CHRC.

Those holding a certificate or authorization that expires after the CHRC expiration date will renew their CHRC at the same time as they renew their certificate or authorization. No CHRC renewal application will be needed; this will be done automatically with renewal of the certificate or authorization.