Career & Education Development

Career and Education Development helps all students gain the knowledge, skills and behaviors to interact with others, set goals and make decisions related to career, college and citizenship. Success in the 21st century differs significantly from the 20th-century model. Lifelong employment with a single employer has virtually vanished. Success today is increasingly dependent on a sophisticated knowledge base, the ability to enhance that base, collaborate, self-direct and adapt to change. Individuals will need to alter their goals and decisions over their lifetimes in relation to school and workplace requirements and personal responsibilities. As part of Career and Education Development, students must see education as a continuous lifelong process that will prepare them for and make them adaptable in a complex, information-rich and fast-changing world.

Career and Education Development Standards are not intended to promote stand-alone courses. Schools must coordinate a plan in which teachers embed the standards and performance indicators of career and education development into classroom experiences across content areas. Students benefit from these career and education development connections when schools require teachers to authentically integrate grade level-appropriate interpersonal, decision-making and goal-setting skills into content area classes and school experiences to enhance learning and develop these skills.


Nigel Norton
Career & Education Development Specialist
Maine Department of Education