Seesaw Skill Scaffolding

Intended Audience

PK-5th Grade Teachers


With the increased investment in learning management systems comes the need to reassess how to roll these out to students and maximize their effectiveness.  Seesaw has been particularly popular among the early elementary grades and in this session we will explore some of their tools and talk about using a scaffolded approach to integrating Seesaw into the early elementary classroom.  The ability for students to record themselves, take photographs, make annotations and drawings opens up many possibilities.  As students build familiarity with these approaches, they can reach a level of independence that will allow them to be given a multi-step task in Seesaw that they can work through with minimal direction.  We will also discuss transfer of these skills to other apps as well as the potential for building a digital portfolio and the ability to share student work through the Seesaw Family app. 



Host Name

Jon Graham