#PODtober - Podcasts as a Resource

Intended Audience

PK-5th Grade Teachers

6th-8th Grade Teachers

9th-12th Grade Teachers

Curriculum Coordinator

Ed Techs

Open to All School/District Staff

Visual & Performing Arts


Come celebrate #PODtober with a deep dive into podcasts.  In spite of their popularity, podcasts are often overlooked for their classroom potential.  media is engaging for students of all ages.  A well-produced podcast can be the basis of a lesson, a way to introduce a topic or an opportunity for enrichment.   We will also explore the role of active listening, ease of access and how to find podcasts.  There will also be many recommendations of podcasts to check out.  If you are an educator who uses podcasts in your classroom, please come a share your experiences. 



Host Name

Jon Graham

Maine DOE Hosting Office or Team

Learning Through Technology