Bullying Prevention

Maine has taken important steps to assess and improve school climate and culture, particularly in the areas of bullying, harassment, and sexual harassment, in order to assure that students are learning in a positive and respectful school environment.

In 2005, and revised in 2011, Maine Education and School Statute was amended to require that school boards establish policies and procedures to address bullying, harassment, bias-based harassment, and sexual harassment (20-A MRSA  1001, sub- 15,  H)

In May 2012, the Maine Legislature passed into law: An Act to Prohibit Bullying and Cyberbullying in Schools (PL 659).  The Maine Education and School Statute states: Prohibition on bullying in public schools.  The law recognizes that bullying behavior must be addressed to ensure student safety and an inclusive learning environment.

In August 2016, the Maine Department of Education commissioner revised the model policy to include comprehensive, detailed, and user-friendly procedural forms.  The revised model policy and procedures are for use by school administrative units’ school boards to ensure that its policies and procedures are consistent with the model policy revised by the commissioner. You can find translated versions of policies and procedures here.

This website is available to all schools, parents, students and the general public. Please access the resources and information in order to navigate the tools necessary to prevent bullying in our schools.


Sarah Adkins
Student Assistance Coordinator