MEA Mathematics and English Language Arts/Literacy

 MEA (General) Mathematics and English Language Arts/Literacy

The Maine Department of Education continues its partnership with Measured Progress, Inc. to develop and administer the 2018 State summative assessment in Mathematics and English Language Arts (ELA)/Literacy. At grades 3-8, the test is delivered online, and for 3rd year high school students, the SAT will remain a paper/pencil assessment.

High School SAT Assessment Sample Items

High School SAT Assessment Reports

eMPowerME Assessment Materials

eMPowerME Assessment Reports

 Special Consideration Request

This process is intended to be used in the rare instances when a student cannot participate in either instruction or assessment. In these cases, a request for State approval of non-participation must be made. The State-approved reasons for allowing non-participation fall within four broad areas outlined in the portal.


Nancy Godfrey 
Assessment Coordinator