Maine Comprehensive Assessment System (MeCAS)

2016-17 MeCAS testing dates are available here.

The Maine Comprehensive Assessment System (MeCAS) provides information about the academic progress of students, schools and the state as a whole.  National and international assessments help us interpret the success of Maine’s students in comparison to students in other states and nations.  State assessments, known as the Maine Educational Assessments (MEA), measure the progress of Maine’s students toward the content standards adopted for Maine students.  Along with other local assessment instruments and/or teacher-developed classroom assessments, the MEA can help educators and parents to understand where every public school student is and where they may need additional support to become college and career ready by graduation.

The Maine Educational Assessments (MEA) includes required assessments in Mathematics, English Language Arts/Literacy, Science and English Language Proficiency. Both state and federal laws require that all students participate in the assessments in designated content areas at designated grades. Schools, districts, and states are accountable for achieving a minimum participation rate of 95%. In 2014-15, Maine’s participation rate at the high school level fell far short of that target.  Correspondence with the U.S. Department of Education about Maine’s 2014-15 participation as well as our plans for improving participation going forward can be located here.

The 2016 State summative assessment in Mathematics and English Language Arts (ELA)/Literacy for grades 3-8 will be delivered online using iTester platform for eMPower™ME provided by subcontractor eMetric, LLC. For 3rdyear high school level, the new ‘redesigned’ SAT will be delivered in 2016 with paper/pencil. It is anticipated shift to a computer-based SAT delivery in 2017.


An alternate assessment is required for all students with the most significant cognitive disabilities in these same grades. Maine’s Alternate Mathematics and English Language Arts/Literacy was developed by National Center State Collaborative (NCSC). Maine has become a member of the Multi-State Alternate Assessment (MSAA) group, which will continue development of this online assessment based on alternate achievement standards. Administration will occur in the spring of 2016 under the name of MSAA.


The MEA Science will continue to be similar to the science test administered in the past. The MEA Alternate Science for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities will continue to be the Personalized Alternate Assessment Portfolio (PAAP).

The MEA ACCESS for ELLs measures the proficiency of students identified as English learners. ACCESS for ELLs is an online test for grades 1-12 and a paper-pencil test for Kindergarten. The MEA Alternate ACCESS measures English proficiency for students with significant cognitive disabilities and remains a paper-pencil test.  

2016 Operational Procedures for the Maine Educational Assessments (PDF, 720KB) - This document assists schools with participation, enrollment, and administration issues. The Operational Procedures should be used in conjunction with each MEA’s Test Coordinator/Administration Manual.


District Data Specialists List (coming soon)


Charlene Tucker
Director of Assessment & Accountability

Nancy Godfrey
Assessment Coordinator

Complete list of Maine assessment contacts