The Personalized Alternate Assessment Portfolio (PAAP) is Maine's alternate state assessment to the Maine Educational Assessment for Science that provides academic reporting for our students with the most significant cognitive disabilities. Tasks are available to teachers throughout a five-month window to provide multiple opportunities for science instruction to be embedded into students' daily work.

The PAAP measures individual student progress in relation to the Maine Learning Results, the standards that identify what all Maine students, including those with unique learning needs, are expected to know and be able to do. Science is assessed in grades 5, 8, third year of high school. These scores are not reported for accountability purposes.

Students taking the PAAP provide evidence of their proficiency through completion of Alternate Grade Level Expectations (AGLEs) that are aligned to the science standards on which their grade-level peers are measured. Levels of progression are available and measured through eight Levels of Complexity (LoCs) for each AGLE.

PAAP Administration Tools

Task Bank - Administrators may access grade level portfolio testing items through the task bank.

2018-19 Administration Handbook (PDF, 2MB). This handbook provides information and guidance on administering the PAAP, including the Alternate Grade Level Expectations (AGLEs)/Indicators for each content area and levels of complexity descriptions.

Task Bank User's Guide (PDF, 2MB). Instructions are available for registering your student(s) in the Task Bank accessing and entering scores, and submitting a student's results for scoring.

Additional Materials

2018-19 Teacher Training Webinar: This webinar follows the 2018-19 Administration Handbook and User Guide. Interpretation of score reports, choosing levels of complexity, common electronic scoring errors and submitting portfolios are included.
-Transcript of Webinar by slide (DOC, 48KB)

2018-19 Test Security Agreement (DOC, 37KB). This agreement is required for all Test Administrators who enter the PAAP Task Bank. Signed agreements must be sent to District Assessment Coordinators and kept at a mutual site.

Table of Contents Form (PDF, 47KB). This is the table of contents form for the three-ring binder you create and submit for each PAAP given by you. It indicates student name and AGLEs/Indicators, tells you how to organize the binder and provides a checklist for knowing when the PAAP is complete.

PAAP Portfolio Checklist (PDF, 120KB). This checklist provides a list of the materials required for a complete portfolio.

Maine Alternate Assessment Guidelines (PDF, 203KB). This document provides the criteria to determine if a student should participate in an alternate assessment.