The Department is not currently administering all statewide summative assessments. All assessment windows are closed in addition to the special considerations module. Further questions should be directed to Janette Kirk, Chief of Learning Systems at

The Multi-State Alternate Assessment (MSAA) is Maine’s MEA Alternate Mathematics and English language arts/literacy assessment. The MSAA test is an Alternate Assessment based on Alternate Achievement Standards (AA-AAS) that aligns with Maine’s College and Career Readiness Standards. As a partner state of MSAA, Maine continues to participate in the development of this assessment.


  • Test Coordinator (TC) Webinar - This webinar provides a brief overview of the MSAA assessment, how to navigate the MSAA system, user roles, TC responsibilities, uploading users, creating classrooms, and MSAA resources.
  • Test Administrator (TA) Training - This PowerPoint was used throughout the November 2018-19 training workshops and provides TAs an overview of the MSAA System, including: Important Documents, System Access and Navigation, Training Requirements, Responsibilities, Student Profile Completion, Administering the Test, Features and Accommodations, and Assistive Technology

Manuals & Guides

  • MSAA Sample Items 
  • Test Administration Manual - TAM(PDF) This manual provides information and guidance on administering the MSAA, outlines the responsibilities of Test Administrators and Test Coordinators, student accommodations, and embedded online features.
  • Test Administrator User Guide (PDF) This step-by-step guide provides written and visual supports for Test Administrators in the MSAA Assessment System.
  • Test Coordinator User Guide (PDF) This step-by-step guide provides written and visual supports for Test Coordinators in the MSAA Assessment System.
  • Maine Participation Guidelines (DOC) Assists in guiding you through determination of eligibility for each student considered for participating in the alternate assessment.
  • Maine Participation Guidance (DOC) Specifies the criteria used to determine a student's eligibility to participate in the alternate assessment.
  • Maine MSAA Policy (PDF) A document which provides Maine’s policy on who may administer the MSAA assessment and training requirements to do so. It signifies the importance of test security as well as providing Maine’s requirement for paper based assessments.
  • TC Test Security Agreement (DOC) A signed agreement is required for all Test Coordinators who enter the MSAA Assessment System and monitor Test Administrators. Signed agreements will be kept at a designated site within the District.
  • TA Test Security Agreement (DOC) A signed agreement is required for all Test Administrators who enter the MSAA Assessment System. Signed agreements will be sent to district Test Coordinators and kept at a designated site within the District.
  • Test Coordinator Observation Checklist (DOC) Provides important information to further the development of the MSAA assessment as well as confirms test security practices.
  • MSAA Accommodations (PDF) This document provides easy access to the allowable accommodations for the MSAA. All accommodations must be documented in each individual student's IEP.
  • MSAA Constructed Writing Responses (DOC) These tips provide how to decide if a student should keyboard their own answers, the difference between transcriber and scribe entry and when to provide annotations.