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Assessment Team Technical Assistance & Professional Learning

The Maine DOE Assessment Team continues to provide high-quality technical assistance and professional learning to all Maine SAUs.  Technical assistance is designed as targeted support across all elements of state assessments.  Please utilize the form below to request specific technical assistance, and a member of the Assessment Team will be in touch within one week.

                                  Request for Technical Assistance

Special Considerations Mini-Series

A Special Consideration is a request for a student to be exempt from participation in a required Maine Educational Assessment (MEA) due to medical reasons. This request must be submitted within the open assessment window of each specific applicable assessment. Following are three mini webinars that will guide you through the process of making a special considerations request.

Part I:  What is a Special Consideration?

Part II: Information Needed for a Special Considerations

Part III: Filling Out a Special Considerations Request


Assessment Administration Coordination Checklist

Assessment Administration Coordination Checklist - The purpose of this checklist is to streamline the processes and communication between the Responsible SAU and a student’s Attending Program, including but not limited to regional programs, 60/40 private schools, and special purpose private schools both in and out of the State, to ensure a smooth assessment administration.