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Assessment Security Overview Training Webinar

Assessment Irregularities!  What Now? Security Training Webinar

Logistics, Planning & Scheduling Security Training Webinar


MEA NWEA 2021-2022 Read Aloud Protocol

MEA NWEA 2021-2022 Read Aloud Protocol - When a student cannot access text-to-speech, an embedded resource is available on the NWEA assessment, the student may be eligible to work with an assessment reader.


NWEA Read Aloud Training 9.20.2021 (PDF)

NWEA 2021-2022 Read Aloud Training - This training was presented on 9.20.2021 by the Assessment and Special Services Teams.  The slide deck includes an accommodation overview, application of the accommodation with sample items, and IEP considerations.


NWEA Read Aloud Recording - 9.20.2021


NWEA Accessibility Guide 2021-2022

NWEA Accessibility Guide 2021-2022 -Information in the accessibility guide includes NWEA Math & ELA/Literacy, Assessment Accessibility Universal Tools, Designated Supports/Features & Accommodations


Assessment Administration Coordination Checklist

Assessment Administration Coordination Checklist - The purpose of this checklist is to streamline the processes and communication between the Responsible SAU and a student’s Attending Program, including but not limited to regional programs, 60/40 private schools, and special purpose private schools both in and out of the State, to ensure a smooth assessment administration.