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2021 NAEP School Survey
Original Window Expanded Window Original Report New Report Date for
(5 workdays) (10 workdays) Date Expanded Windows
April 19-23 April 14-27 3-May 5-May
May 24-28 May 19-June 2 7-Jun 10-Jun
June 21-25 June 16-29 5-Jul July 7 or 8


Guidance to Support Maine School Administrative Units During 2020-2021 Assessment Administration

The Maine Department of Education has created The Guidance to Support Maine School Districts to support the 2020-21 school year administration of assessments in Maine during the COVID-19 pandemic.    


Questions & Answers for Spring Assessment Administration

FAQ's for Spring 2021 Assessment Administration


US Department of Education Dear Colleague Letter  

The US DOE via a Dear Colleague Letter (below) dated, February 22, 2021, to state education chiefs, an update regarding assessment, accountability and reporting requirements. In this letter, the USDOE indicated states should examine possible flexibilities such as  

  • Offering remote administration, where feasible;  

  • Extending the testing window to the greatest extent practicable  

  • Encourage states to extend the testing window for their ELP assessment, including beyond the end of the 2020-2021 school year, if necessary, to ensure that districts are administering this assessment when it safe for them to do so. 

  • Administering a shortened version of its statewide assessments.  

This guidance has affirmed Maine’s current approach to supporting the administration of assessments during the spring of 2021.  

US DOE via a Dear Colleague Letter


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