Family Resources for Assessment



2022-2023 School Year!


Welcome to the new school year of 2022-2023!  State assessments are designed to measure what a student knows and can do in relation to grade level content. These assessments play a critical role at the federal, state and local levels in decision making and the allocation of necessary supports and resources to schools. Here we provide information for families about each of the Maine Educational Assessments. The Maine DOE Assessment Team continues to provide targeted technical assistance to districts and schools across assessments, in order to ensure that every Maine student has the equitable opportunity to participate. If you have questions please call us!

    Jodi Bossio-Smith       Regina Lewis, Ph. D.  
    Director of Assessment       NAEP & International Coordinator  
    Interim Coordinator of Alt and ELP Assessments       207-530-1355  
            Cheryl Brackett  
    Krista Averill       Management Analyst  
    Assessment Coordinator       207-446-3019  
            Varun Motay  
            Data Analyst