Family Resources for Assessment


What Are Assessments and Why are They Used? 

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The ACCESS for Ells is Maine's assessment of English Language Proficiency in Grades K-12..This assessment provides summative data on English learners' proficiency in the domains of listening, reading, speaking, and writing.

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The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) is an assessment that measures what the students of the United States know in various subjects throughout the nation.

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New Meridian

New Meridian is an assessment that focuses on the skills that matter; critical thinking, deep understanding and effective communication.


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The Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) MAP (Measures of Progress) is an  assessment that is used to measure growth and proficiency, and to provide insights to help  schools tailor instruction.

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Progress in International Reading and Literacy Studies (PIRLS) is an international assessment designed to measure reading achievement at the 4th grade level, as well as school and teacher practices.

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Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) is a voluntary assessment that is intended to help school leaders across the world to understand their 15 year old students' abilities to use their reading, math and science skills in real life challenges. 

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MSAA & MSAA Science

All students in grades 3-8 and one year of high school are federally required to participate in an assessment of math and ELA/literacy.



Understanding Math & Reading (NWEA) Scores/Reports 

Family Guide to MAP Growth (PDF) 

What is MAP Growth? 

Family Toolkit 

Family Report 

Parent Guide NWEA MAP Growth (PDF) 

Why Assessment Participation Matters (PDF) 


Understanding Science (New Meridian) Scores/Reports 

Understanding MEA Science Field Tests Video