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eMPowerME is a state summative assessment which aims to evaluate the depth of students’ English language arts (ELA)/literacy and mathematics knowledge. Results are used to determine student academic progress, and may be used by specific schools to assist in curriculum design and/or at the state level to determine the allocation of funds. It is administered to students in grades 3-8 over the course of a 4-week period in early spring. Please use the links below to navigate to across this page.

Test Design and Grade Level Expectations

eMPowerME is administered in an on-line format including seven sessions: Reading (2 sessions), Writing and Language (2 sessions), Mathematics (2 sessions) and Essay (1 session).  The total eMPowerME assessment time is approximately 7.5 hours over multiple days. 

Sample / Released Items

Sample/released questions from previous years’ eMPowerME are made available online for educators.

Spring 2018 Released Items (Link to webpage) 2017-2018 Sample Items (includes scoring information) (Link to webpage) 

Supports and Accommodations

‘Universal tools’ are available resources which can be used by all students on all items (e.g. ruler, protractor, calculator, highlighter, notepad, zooming text enlargement, etc.). Support(s) may provide more accessibility to the test for and are determined on an individual basis by an educational team such as Response to Intervention (RtI) and/or Student Assistance Team. Supports must be consistent with the student’s normal routine during instruction. Provision of supports does not alter the construct of any test item. Accommodations are changes in procedures or materials that do not alter what the test measures and are used to increase equitable access during assessment for students for whom there is a documentation of the need on an Individualized Education Program/Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan. Please see the Accessibility Guide (embedded below) for more information. Students with significant cognitive disabilities may qualify for the Math & ELA/Literacy alternate assessment (MSAA). 


‘Universal tools’ are available resources which can be used by all students on all items. They includes supports such as protractors, scratch paper, and other helpful resources. Please see the ‘universal tools’ sections of the accessibility guide (embedded below) for more information. Additionally, accommodations are available to students who have documentation of needs in their individualized Educational Program/Plan (IEP) or 504 plan. Students part of the 1% who qualify for an alternate exam will take the MSAA in place of eMPowerME.

2019-2020 Accessibility Guide: Will change in 2021, but may be used as a reference point. 

Additional Resources

eMPowerME Cognia Materials: Visit this link to access additional eMPowerME resources. 

eMPowerME Administration Resources: Visit this link to access resources regarding assessment administration.  

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