Educator Summit Poster Contest

We’re excited to offer an opportunity for each School and/or District (SAU) to showcase what they have to offer to a new teacher in terms of location, activities, professional development opportunities, etc. 

The theme of the contest is:

“Why I love living and teaching in my community.”

Creative Maine Dirigo Flag
To participate in this friendly competition, you must:

Submit on a laminated standard poster board with pictures/art that features the best of your community. 

The poster must be laminated and have the following information on the back of the poster:

- Name
- Number
- Contact information
- Location of your district. 


We will be hanging these posters on the hall walls of the Civic Center to add to the experience for attendees.  An award will be given to the entry that receives the most votes from attendees.  The award will be announced during lunch on August 10You can bring it with you to the registration table upon arrival. 


For more information, contact