Maine Biotoxin and Shellfish Sanitation Hotline

1-800-232-4733 or 207-624-7727

This message was last updated on Friday, March 22, 2019 at 3:00 PM.

Conditional Area Closure Notice:  This notification closes the WWTP conditional areas in Area No. 55 due to a CSO or bypass event.  A reopening date will be posted once the event has ended. 

 Automatic – Main Menu (52302; console phone only 10152302 then 1)

This system is provided to allow public access to recent changes in shellfish closures.
Details on closures can be obtained from the Bureau of Marine Patrol:
* Division I: Maine/NH Border to Belfast: 633-9595.
* Division II: Searsport to the Canadian Border: 664-2392.
To access biotoxin closures, press 1; flood closure information, press 2; conditional areas press 3.
Press 9 to repeat these menu options.
Biotoxin Closures (52303; console phone only 10152303 then 1)
Biotoxin closures are organized by species; for Soft Shell Clams, Oysters and Surf or Hen Clams, press 1; Mussels and Carnivorous Snails, press 2; Ocean Quahogs or Hard Clams, press 3; Whelks, press 4
Press 9 to repeat these menu options. Press 0 to return to the main menu.

1 – Soft Shell Clams, Surf or Hen Clams, and Oysters (52308):

There is no closure at this time.

2 – Mussels and Carnivorous Snails (52309):

There is no closure at this time.

3 – Ocean Quahogs (52310):

It shall be unlawful to dig, take or possess any ocean quahogs (Arctica islandica), taken from Maine coastal waters and those offshore waters of the exclusive economic zone (EEZ/200 mile limit) between the ME/NH border AND the US/Canada border.
EXCEPTION: east of Cape Split (Addison); AND west of Great Head (Cutler).

4 - Whelks (52311):
All Maine flats and waters located between the New Hampshire boundary and the Canadian boundary out to the jurisdiction of the United States are closed for the taking of whelks.
There is one EXCEPTION to this rule. The common Northern whelk (also known as the waved whelk) and the Stimpson’s whelk can be harvested in the waters of the State of Maine, except where there is a PSP closure in place for carnivorous snails.

Flood Closures (52304):

There are no closures at this time.

Rainfall, Tide, Sewage Treatment Plant and River Discharge Conditional Areas (52305):

The following list includes changes to the conditional areas which are currently closed for shellfish harvesting. This notice was last updated on March 22, 2019.

River Flow Closures:

There are no River flow closures at this time.

 Rainfall Conditional Closures:

There are no closures at this time.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Closures:  

 The following area is closed due to a CSO or bypass event

Area No. 55: Area D.1 and D.2 - Machias WWTP

The following area is closed due to seasonal discharge of treated wastewaterThe area will REOPEN EFFECTIVE 00:01 HOURS, MARCH 31, 2019. 

Area No. 27: Area B – Thomaston WWTP