10 Year Rotational Management Plan for Zone 2 Scallops

For the 2016-17 season, SEVEN areas shaded in YELLOW will rotate open for harvest, which is the SECOND ROTATION. These incdlude:

  1. The Cutler Shore
  2. Chandler Bay/Head Harbor Island
  3. Narraguagus/Pigeon Hill Bay
  4. Cranberry Isle Area
  5. Lower Blue HIll Bay/Jericho Bay
  6. East Isle Au Haut Bay
  7. Mid Penobscot Bay

Second rotations

Pictured above - Rotational Areas open for harvest in the 2016-17 Season. Areas in YELLOW are in the SECOND Rotation and have been closed for two years to rebuild.

Zone 2 10 Year Rotational Management PlanRotational Closures through time

Pictured above: Zone 2 Rotational Management Schedule. Areas divided into three different rotations (A=First, B=Second, C=Third). This season, one third of the coast will be open for harvest and will rotate with each following season.