Atlantic Menhaden Episodic Fishery Reporting RequirementAtlantic Menhaden

Required effort restrictions while harvesting the episodic event fishery program are:

  • Harvest may occur between 12:01 a.m. Monday through to Thursday 11:59 p.m.;
  • Daily landing limit is 120,000 lbs with a weekly cap set at 120,000 lbs;
  • Harvesting and landing of menhaden is restricted to Maine state waters; and,
  • Daily reporting of landings is required via .

All harvesters that were actively harvesting during the State Allocation Fishery do not need to declare again to harvest in the Episodic Event Fishery. New entrants to the Menhaden fishery need to email to indicate they will begin harvesting during the Episodic Event Fishery.

Report using the format below:

  • Name of harvester
  • Name/Vessel ID
  • Permit ID
  • Landings number of license holder
  • Total catch retained (including all catch transferred to any vessel who will not report it as their own catch)
  • Name/Permit ID of Carrier, if transfer at-sea occurs
  • Total amount of menhaden on board
  • Date, time and location (dealer, city, state) of offload
  • Estimated catch to be received, by weight, to each dealer (by dealer name and landings number)
  • VTR number, if applicable

Please be advised that you are required to report daily as described in Chapter 41.30(3)(C); and, per Chapter 8.20(Q), Pelagic and Anadromous Fishing Harvest paper trip reports are due on the 10th of the following month. Failure to do so is a violation of the regulation. Landing reports are essential for accurate monitoring of the quota.

For any questions regarding reporting, please contact Rob Watts or 207-633-9412. For any questions on the menhaden fishery, please contact Melissa Smith or 207-624-6558.

For more information, contact Melissa Smith at DMR.