DMR Lobster Research, Monitoring, and Assessment Program


The Lobster Program is the longest running, on going, catch and effort study within the Department of Marine Resources. In addition to lobster landings statistics, this program has been collecting statistical information on the commercial and natural population of lobsters along the Maine coast for over 40 years. This program collects valuable data on lobster catch as well as discards and bycatch which are directly used in the lobster stock assessment as well as in other studies.

2017 Monitoring Program Update (PDF file, 2 pages)

Program Information about Each Lobster Life Stage and Relevant Surveys  Lobster life stages and related surveys


Kathleen Reardon - Senior Lobster Biologist
Katherine Thompson - Sea Sampling and Ventless Trap Survey Coordinator
Robert Russell - Settlement Survey Coordinator
Briony Donahue - Lead Lobster Sampler
Joe Wodjenski - Marine Resource Specialist