Atlantic Herring Area 1A Designated Landing Days for Season 2 (Trimester 3)

Notice to Atlantic herring harvesters October 7, 2020:

Please be advised of the following emergency amendments to Chapter 36 Atlantic Herring regulations; links to the full document and the press release by ASMFC regarding Season 2 (Trimester 3) effort measures are below.

In summary, the Eastern Maine Spawning Closure (see chart below) opens at 12:01 a.m. on Friday, October 9, 2020. Landing of Atlantic herring is permitted beginning at 6:00 p.m. on Sunday, October 11 for three consecutive landing days through to 6:00 p.m. Wednesday, October 14, 2020. The following week, and each week after until further notice, two consecutive landing days have been designated: 6:00 p.m. Sunday through to 6:00 p.m. Tuesday. The use of carrier vessels is permitted. 

As was the procedure during Season 1 (Trimester 2), harvesters must send an email hail with their estimated catch, time of landing and port of landing to three hours prior to landing at any Maine port. Electronic reporting, either through FISH ONLINE (Federal permit holders) or LEEDS (State only permit holders) 24 hours after a landing event remains a requirement.

For information regarding the Atlantic Herring fishery from DMR, please contact Melissa Smith via email or phone: (207) 624-6558.

DMR Notice of Emergency Rulemaking - Chapter 36 Atlantic Herring; Season 2 Opens, PDF file 228 KB
ASMFC Press Release, September 18, 2020, PDF file, 3 pages

map of herring management areas