Maine - New Hampshire Inshore Trawl Survey Web Data Portal (Data Dashboard)

Augusta, 8-8-2020: While the Maine Department of Marine Resources cancelled the spring 2020 Maine-New Hampshire trawl survey due to concerns associated with COVID-19, it has launched a new web portal that provides easy access to past years’ survey data.  

The portal is available at at

The survey, conducted since 2000 along the Maine and New Hampshire coast, provides researchers and regulators data on many commercially important species including groundfish, lobster, recreational finfish species, as well as non-commercial species of ecological interest.

It is conducted in the spring and fall of the year and involves a commercial fishing vessel towing a modified shrimp net to capture species for the survey.

The new web portal, posted to the DMR website in March 2020, provides an easier way to access survey data. Previously, data was presented in a static annual report published on the DMR website.  

The new web portal allows people to review and download raw data for use in independent research and analysis. The portal includes five tabs where data from the survey are summarized and displayed as graphs or maps or downloaded.

A Species Indices tab displays the number and weight per tow of every species caught in the survey over time. Species can be chosen for analysis with a selector on the side.

The Catch at Length tab shows the length frequency, which is the number of each species caught at specific lengths, over time. Different species and seasons can be selected for display.

A Species Distribution Map displays the number, mean weight and length of selected species caught in each tow location for any season or year of the survey. Results can be displayed for a single year’s survey or a range of years.

A Maturity Data tab shows data on sex and maturity stage collected on a select species of finfish sampled in the spring and fall surveys, while the Environmental Data tab displays average temperature in the survey over time.

An Environmental Data tab displays average water temperature at the surface and on the bottom.
Data can be viewed by users after establishing a login, and those who wish to download will have to obtain permission before receiving a login. There are five choices to view and download: Tow Data, Catch Data, Length Data, Lobster Length Data, and Maturity Data.

The new web portal along with pdf versions of previous year reports can be found at