Organizational Structure of the Maine Marine Patrol

The Maine Marine Patrol is one of five Bureaus within the Department of Marine Resources.

The Bureau of Marine Patrol is divided into two regional divisions with a lieutenant, and support personnel at division offices in Boothbay Harbor and Lamoine, and a main office in Augusta. Each division is divided into three sections with a sergeant supervising five field officer positions and one boat specialist per section.

The Commissioner, Chief of Marine Patrol and the Major are based at the main office.

The Maine Marine Patrol when fully staffed employs 52 uniformed state law enforcement officers. The entire Department of Marine Resources employs approximately 160 personnel. The staff of the Maine Department of Marine Resources has experienced a rich heritage and to this day continues its proud tradition of serving the citizens of the State of Maine.

Marine Patrol's organizational structure is as follows:

Colonel - Responsible for oversight and management of all administrative and enforcement duties.


Major - Responsible for operational field command, as well as planning, coordinating, assigning, and overseeing Marine Patrol enforcement activities.


Captain - Responsible for oversight of Marine Patrol’s Special Services Division and technology including cell phones, computers, radios, navigation software, and database.


Lieutenants - Responsible for planning, directing, supervising and evaluating all Marine Patrol activities of the Sergeants, Officers and Specialists in the Division.


Sergeant - Responsible for supervision of Boat Specialists and Marine Patrol Officers.


Boat Specialists - Responsible for operation of patrol vessels during routine patrols, search operations, and investigative work.


Marine Patrol Officers - Responsible for investigative and protective services work involving the enforcement of marine resource conservation law, rules, regulations.