Maine Marine Patrol

SINCE 1869

The Maine Marine Patrol is the oldest law enforcement organization in the State of Maine. Its roots can be traced to 1869, when the legislature authorized two Fisheries Commissioners who were charged with conservation of sea-run fish species on a statewide basis.

Today's Marine Patrol is a bureau of the Maine Department of Marine Resources that provides law enforcement, search and rescue, public health, and maritime security on Maine's coastal and tidal waters. The Bureau is divided into two field divisions with a lieutenant supervising a regional office in each division. Each division is divided into three sections with a field sergeant in charge of 6 officers in each section.

Today's Marine Patrol Officer is a highly trained law enforcement officer who is certified by the Maine Criminal Justice Academy. Marine Patrol Officers conduct investigations and enforcement of Maine's marine resource laws and regulations, as well as other laws within the jurisdiction of the State of Maine.

MPOs are also deputized as National Marine Fisheries Service Federal Enforcement Agents for the purposes of enforcing federal fisheries laws through Joint Enforcement Cooperative Agreements.

Marine Patrol Officers are instilled with the same philosophy that guided the wardens 100 years ago, which is to be impartial and to work in close cooperation with Maine's fishing industries.