NOTICE TO LOBSTER HARVESTERS: Survey to Support Improved Whale Regulations

The Maine Department of Marine Resources, with funding from the NOAA Section 6 Species Recovery Grants to States Program, is conducting surveys of lobster harvesters to provide data that will inform future whale protection regulations.

Harvesters from Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut as well as those who fish in the offshore statistical areas within Management Area 3 are asked to completed this survey by the end of September.

Harvesters are being asked to complete a brief survey on how vertical lines are rigged and fished. Information will include rope type and diameter, trap configuration, distance from shore, depth, and type of surface system.

Without a better understanding of vertical lines, regulators are more likely to implement sweeping regulations which might not be any more effective at protecting whales. Good information from industry, including these surveys, will increase the likelihood of targeted, effective regulations.

Participation should take less than 10 minutes.

Personal or identifying information will be kept confidential and removed prior to distribution of survey results; however, we ask for your name, phone number and, in the case of Maine harvesters, your landings number, so we can contact you if necessary to confirm information provided in the survey.

The survey is available on the Maine DMR website.

For assistance with any of the surveys, please contact Caitlin Cleaver with FB Environmental at 207-706-9466 or by email .