Spring ME-NH Inshore Trawl Survey set for May 2 - June 3

The vessel Robert Michael underway towing trawl gear

The F/V Robert Michael. Photo by DMR

The Spring ME-NH trawl survey, conducted by the State of Maine, Department of Marine Resources, is scheduled to begin May 2nd, 2022 in New Hampshire waters, working east to Lubec, finishing about June 3.

The more information we have regarding our fisheries, the better equipped we are to defend these resources and Maine's fishing industry livelihoods. The ME-NH trawl survey provides valuable information for the management of important commercially harvested species. Failure to complete the proposed tows could jeopardize the use of our data for state and federal lobster and finfish management. To address this, we will be increasing our efforts to move gear within the published tows.

To avoid the need for our Marine Patrol to handle gear, please clear an area of gear 1/8th mile on either side of the 1 nautical mile towline for day of the tow.

Latitude/Longitude and TD coordinates for Tow Locations (pair of dots with a line on the chart mark each tow) and schedules can be found at the survey's web page and/or by using your smartphone to access the QR code below.

QR Code for spring 2022 trawl survey web page