Menhaden Episodic Event Fishery Opens Friday, June 25, 2021

Maine DMR has been approved to participate in the Episodic Event Set Aside program (EESA) from ASMFC. DMR will re-open the commercial menhaden harvest under Chapter 41.20(2), with the following limitations:

  • Harvest to resume on Friday, June 25, 2021 at 12:01 a.m.

  • Harvest schedule limited to Tuesdays and Fridays, only

  • Weekly vessel limit is 14,000 pounds or 40 barrels

  • Limited to one landing per day

  • Reporting of landings is SAME DAY as landing, electronically

Entering the Episodic fishery is a new phase of quota, and as such, a reset on the weekly landing limit takes place. For those harvesting on Friday, the limit is set to 40 barrels or 14,000 pounds. The next scheduled harvest day for Episodic is Tuesday, June 29th and would be the start of a new week.

The Episodic quota is currently being utilized by Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Maine. Prompt reporting is required so that all three states can work together to avoid an overage in this set-aside quota. A notice will be sent out Monday morning to inform harvesters on how much quota has been consumed and whether enough quota remains to complete the harvest week.

REMINDER: As of this season, daily harvest reports are required for BOTH the state allocated AND the episodic event fisheries, the SAME day as landing, before 11:59 p.m. DMR have seen significant late reporting this season, which impacts Maine's ability to stay within the quota, and which has implications for this fishery at ASMFC.

Failure to comply with reporting requirements, as described in Chapter 41.20, is a violation of the regulation. Please be aware that violation of this regulation may result in license suspension. It is very important to complete your landings report on the same day as your landing.

Reporting through LEEDS

Reporting through NOAA FISH ONLINE

DMR Menhaden Webpage

Need help with electronic reporting? Please contact or 207-633- 9566 or or 207-633-9412.

For any questions on menhaden fishery management, please contact or 207-441-5040.

For operational questions on the menhaden fishery, please contact your local patrol officer, or reach out to your Division Lt.