Spring 2021 Maine - New Hampshire Inshore Trawl Survey to Begin May 3rd

The spring survey is scheduled to begin in New Hampshire waters on May 3, working its way east to finish up about June 4 near Cutler/Lubec. The vessel is a white fiberglass Northeast 54', the F/V Robert Michael of Portland, captained by Rob Tetrault.

The survey is designed to provide information that has not been available to NOAA Fisheries Service for stock assessments. Obtaining this information is critical to making rational management decisions. The better information we have about ALL our fisheries resources, the better we can ensure a future for both fishermen and the resource.

As in the past, we ask that on the scheduled day of the tow, an area 1/8th mile on either side of the tow line be clear of fixed gear. We make every effort to avoid contact with gear by making at least one and often two passes on the tow line before we set our gear. However, if buoys are running under, we cannot see them and mistakenly conclude that the area is clear. Clearing the area of gear avoids gear contact.

For more information and a schedule of tows visit https://www.maine.gov/dmr/science-research/projects/trawlsurvey/sp21/index.html