DMR Public Health Bureau Improves Closure Notices

The Maine Department of Marine Resources' Bureau of Public Health has made improvements to its pollution closure notices that make it easier for shellfish harvesters and the public to understand the impacted areas.

The Department has combined the smaller Pollution Areas into larger Growing Areas, which address previous gaps and overlaps between areas.
To further simplify the listing of closed shellfish areas, DMR biotoxin and bacterial closures have also been combined into a single table on the same webpage.

The new webpage also posts maps as separate documents from their associated legal notices for ease of viewing.

The revamped closure page can be found at

The names of bacterial closure notices have changed and formatting within each notice is slightly different.

DMR recommends harvesters and dealers review the new legal notices associated with the areas they harvest and/or purchase from to confirm any new closures and to familiarize themselves with the new system.

A complete explanation of the changes can be found in the latest Bureau of Public Health newsletter .

Please send any questions or comments to or call 207-633-9515.